DJ comparison worksheet - How to compare between DJs and Disc Jockeys for your event.

Written by Brian Harrell (DJ/Events Manager -  Since 1982) 1997-2009

Print this and use it to compare between DJs you are looking to hire.

Questions to Ask:

All Time Favorites DJs Other DJ #1 Other DJ #2 DJ #3  
Did the DJ ask you what you wanted first when you called....types of music?  # guests... ages? etc... if not, then YOUR needs were not first. Yes. we always do        
Who exactly will my DJ be? (name)
and it is guaranteed in contract?
Yes, guaranteed in contract.        
How many shows (ie:weddings) have you done?
Very good DJs have over 400 weddings.
We can show you per DJ        
What is the DJ's training? We can show you per DJ        
Who will the backup DJ be if this DJ is out sick?
or what is your backup plan in case of my DJ out sick?
Yes, we have backup DJs
for every event date
Can I see the DJ perform live or on DVD/web video? Yes        
Can I talk to the DJ before I book them? Yes        
Does your DJ contract guarantee the equipment
included in detail?
Does the DJ or DJ company have general liability insurance? Yes        
Does the DJ have equipment insurance covering music also? Yes        
Does the DJ have a song list of what they bring that
I can preview online or on paper before I book the DJ?
Can I see letters of reference or talk to recent clients
about my specific DJ from recent events like mine
(preferably the most recent 3 events just like mine)
Does my DJ bring a backup amplifier to the event in case
of major failure?  Backup CD player in case of CD player
failure if they use CD's at shows?
If my DJ is using a computer to run the show, do they
have a backup computer and a copy of their hard drive of music on another computer or external drive JUST in case of major outages?

The questions above are very good for comparing the facts between DJs
and were written by a DJ trainer/manager/supervisor Brian Harrell with over 25 years experience in the DJ industry.

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