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Wedding Ceremony Suggested Songs

(looking for musicians or entertainment for your wedding ceremony or reception?)

These are song ideas for your wedding ceremony based on 25 years of doing ceremonies of all types.

If you find a link below not working please let me know 651-454-1124 ext 311 (Brian)

Wedding Ceremony (piano) Songs CD 1 (many for bridal party and many for the bride to walk down to)

Wedding Ceremony (piano) Songs CD 2 (same use as above)

Wedding Ceremony (guitar) CD 3 (same use as above)

Wedding Ceremony (organ style) CD 4 (same as above)

Many other standard Bridal Chorus versions

Background Music (piano) CD 1 (mostly prior to wedding but some have used to walk down for bridal party and bride)

Background Music (piano) CD 2 (mostly prior to wedding)

Traditional Recessional Songs CD 1 (when the bride/groom are announced at the end of the wedding)


You can pick from above CDs or purchase and email me your track to use at your wedding.

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Live Musicians for Wedding Ceremonies

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